Charmer at 131

She’s old, she’s spooky, and she’s got a story!  Have you ever read someone’s life story and felt like it should be a Lifetime TV movie? That’s how I felt while researching this house! Let’s begin with the landowner before the house was built: Israel J Richardson, who said he was from New York butContinue reading “Charmer at 131”

Indigenous History

Before Moses Byxbe was scheming up plans for what he hoped would become the capital city of Ohio, the land had been home to many generations, dating as far back as 12000 BC. Some of the first known natives in the area were the Adena* (800BC-100AD), who are most well known for their construction of sacred earthen moundsContinue reading “Indigenous History”

EL Main

Remember in the beforetimes when you could just go somewhere and walk around and look at stuff? Well, waaaaaaay back when (in 2019) I followed my research trail to the Delaware County Historical Society’s Cryder Historical Center and Reseach Library. It has the wonderful smell of books and some of the most enthusiastic and helpfulContinue reading “EL Main”