About Andrea

I love old stuff and a good story.

Picture of me, Andrea, a mid-30s brunette, smiling at the camera in greeting. I'm in a grey sweatshirt with metal studs. The word "hello" appears over my shoulder in a swirling pink font.

I’m Andrea, the heart of My Hearth Story, and I’m so glad you’re here.

Let’s go back in time a bit…

When I was a kid, one of my babysitters was an older woman who would take me to the cemetery. Adult me realizes it was to visit her husband’s grave site, but 4-year-old me just thought the headstones and markers were really, genuinely amazing. When I look at a graveyard I can only think of all the different human experiences laid to rest in one place. I am humbled by the expanse of unique perspectives represented by each stone. I’ve always been drawn to the novelty that each of us has a different story, and so do the places we love. Five states and many moves later, I’m married with a kiddo living in a 110 year old house in my (small) city’s historic district, burrowing down the rabbit holes of old house lore.

Maybe it’s the English major in me, but I have a deep love of a good story. I also have what I’m told is an uncanny ability to find information quickly in a stack of records or online archives. This combination has led to a passion for digging up and sharing the histories of beloved old places and spaces. Connecting others to their home’s story – helping them ‘meet’ the folks who used to walk the same halls – is my privilege.

The most compelling stories are the real ones, and I am out to find them.

The history of my house hasn’t been told in a long time, if it’s ever been told at all. Connecting to the roots of this house (my hearth story, if you will) helps me put down roots of my own. That brings me to you. Your home, the people who have lived in it, the town that it’s in, and the land that it’s on, have a history that is valuable and a story that is worth finding and sharing. When you’re ready, I can help you take a deep dive into your own home’s history. Your hearth story awaits.

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Uncovering the stories behind century homes.

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